Boy am I spoiled at work! My hours are 8:30 to 5:00 but they have a rotation with three ďshiftsĒ that end at 5, 6 and 7PM respectively so they can support the west coast too. Well they asked me to shadow the 3rd shift guy who starts at 11AM but I can leave at 5PM.

What a deal! But it only lasts this week.

It turns out they program in Delphi 5 and it shouldnít be too steep a learning curve as itís a cross between VB, Pascal and some object orientated stuff they barely take advantage of. I think it may be a tough job finding reference books though as itís a rather old version of Delphi.

Iíll tell ya though. After lunch I barely kept my eyes open and I couldnít believe I had to stay there 8 whole hours in the same chair. Iíd forgotten that part and tomorrow if itís not raining Iím walking at lunch before my legs atrophy.

I have no real idea what Iím going to be doing and I get the idea all his workers wear many hats but I can say that they all seemed very nice and I think Iím going to like it there even if itís 12K less than I made at my last job. The proof was in the 15 minute commute that left me smiling both coming and going to work. It was also in the single tank of gas that will fuel my whole weeks worth of commuting as compared to twice that at the last job and this place is so small that I canít get lost in the shuffle.

Itís a new moon in the first month of a new year. Thatís a great time for a new start.

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1st Day