Iím back from Nova Scotia and we drove out through New Brunswick and stayed a couple days in Bar Harbor, Maine. Cadillac Mountain was wonderful! We stayed in a beautiful B&B only a few 100 feet from the Main Street and went to wineries and breweries and shopped and had a ball.

Iím back to the grind but our Moose Lodge went and bought a great 900,000 dollar restaurant with 5 acres of land at an auction that gave us the huge old wooden building for a song. It was worth a million and a half, originally. Iíve been volunteering my time on weekends to clean the place up so we can pass the building inspector and the department of health (it has a complete and very huge commercial kitchen) Iíve cleaned 4 ovens so far and they were GROSS! They each took two days because it was so bad. The property was abandoned two years ago and they just walked away to the extent of just leaving the old oil in the fryerlators and a broken pipe leaking. Cats got in and the whole place smelled like cat pee for awhile, but the whole club rallied together and we had huge cleaning parties and every surface at this point has been cleaned from ceiling to walls to floors. Itís a miracle if you look at before and after pictures.

We will be able to move in, in a couple weeks but we are waiting to transfer all the papers and licences and renew the grandfathered ones, so we wait on the town. It was an inn once and the Inn part of it is haunted. A man and a woman were supposedly brutally murdered there and the building itself is supposedly built on an Indian burial site. People have driven by and yelled, ďYou need a Shaman to clear this place!Ē One of our volunteers has already heard footsteps where no person was.

In any case the place is HUGE and VERY BIG! This is our Moose Lodge forever home and we are broke beyond despair as a club. We are also taking in new members hand over fist as this place is old wood and English pub beautiful and very classy looking. As a bartender Iím a little scared as my regulars drink beer and rum and now with the new members that have a bit of money they want fancy vodka martinis and such that I donít know how to make. I guess Iíll just have to learn.

My Dad is doing fine although he resents the hell out of us taking over. Itís caused a few fights amongst us siblings through misinformation with the siblings out of state but so far itís working out. One sibling was told that we are charging LESS hours than we actually work and that was misinterpreted that we had created some kind of money train and charged MORE than what we worked at my fatherís shop.

And then there was a trade show that we booked airfare and hotel as a block and couldnít separate out the airfare for my brotherís companion using Expedia dot com and I was inclined to let it go as a compromise as my brother had originally wanted her to be fully paid for her hours at the booth which I refused as she knows nothing about our machines and is, in my opinion, useless to us. That was a battle royale and finally I just looked the other way at the airfare as a sort of bone to toss him to shut him up.

Well another sibling who doesnít have to deal with this crap got wind of it and went ballistic and asked him to resign as guardian as he said he had abused his powers. Finally my brother just agreed to pay back our fatherís company for what he could estimate as her portion of the airfare as the bill was not itemized and was a block fee for a package including many people.

It was ugly as the out of state brother used his girlfriend to do his dirty work and send ďsecretĒ emails to other siblings in an underhanded manner to get support for what is really an insignificant amount considering what we are responsible for. Now he apologizes for being an ass and using his girlfriend to do his dirty work and doesnít want me to tell my other siblings probably so he can do it again. That ainít happening. I told them. I have no problem disrespecting someone who disrespects me.

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