Itís snowing like a mother here. Plymouth itself is mostly a rain event because itís so close to the warmer waters of the ocean but move one town in any westerly or northerly direction and youíre buried. I was going to use it as an excuse to stay home today but I went in anyways, being the new guy and all, only to find that my boss and everyone else but a guy who lives within walking distance are out.

This is particularly galling because Fred is working from home today. That means that I cleared his car windows of slush so he could go out and get his coffee and then cleared mine so I could drive to work as he waved goodbye to me. This is of course after I explained how to heat the house and light it during a power failure, because around here itís not if, but when, especially with 50 mph winds. So heíll be snug as a bug while I brace the elements.

One of the joys of driving in the snow are rolling snow plow blockades. I understand that they cascade the snow from one plow to another until itís off the side of the road but jeepers crow do you have to run a blockade for THIRTY MILES??? I had to travel 22 miles to work at 25 miles per hour. Iím sure you can do the math and my commute wasnít my ordinary 15 to 20 minutes.

Oh Yeah! That brings me to my last little tidbit. The industrial park where I work apparently doesnít arrange for any plowing so itís about 4 inches already out there. I slid into place to park and Iím not sure Iím getting out. Iím going to start carrying some kitty liter in the trunk for traction on days like this.

On to better things. The Patriots won YEAH! SEVENTEEN in a row and it looks like we will be facing the San Diego Chargers next week which Iím pretty happy about because truthfully I think the Colts are a better team and they were hurt the last time we played them and they arenít now so Iím pretty happy the Chargers eliminated them for us.

The same thing happened with the NY Giants because even a good fan, Fred, told me that itís a good thing for us because the Cowboys can actually play football if they put their mind to it.

This doesnít mean that the winners are pansies but I think theyíll be easier.

Letís hope so! Go Pats!

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