No one has threatened me yet so as long as I am airing my, admittedly more emotional, political issues, I might as well write about the 500 pound gorilla that everyone shies away from.

Thatís right Hillary Clinton. This woman raises more emotion than a psychotherapy session for Charles Manson. Hereís a VERY partial list of issues.

Healthcare. She couldnít push her agenda when Bill put her in charge of it but did she take a bribe to back down?

Marital issues. Did she know he was a cheat? If so why does she still put up with it? Why did she ever?

Presidential experience. Does being the Presidentís wife give you presidential experience?

New York Senator. Did she really care about NY or just use it as a spring board?

Iím sure everyone has their own question for Hilary. But thatís not MY issue.

Hereís my issue:

When was the last time you heard a black man say, ďItís about time we saw a woman in the White House.Ē? Versus when was the last time you heard a woman say, ďItís about time we saw a man of color in the White House.Ē? Iíve heard a whole lot of the latter but never the former. It isnít a black manís issue and I donít see why white women take up a black issue when they have their own woman issues to still straighten out.

Were you around for the Equal rights amendment where women banded together to defeat it themselves? I cried for a very long time. That was my first election, my first time voting. I was so proud and then I found out that we did it to ourselves. Talk about self destructive and self defeating. We are eager to take on a race issue when it doesnít apply but back off when it comes to liberating ourselves!

Are you old enough to have said to a man, black, white or yellow, ďI canít wait to see a woman President.Ē And be laughed at and then told either, ďNot in my lifetimeĒ or ďOver my dead bodyĒ? because even if that man was black in the 60ís they still had a dick and by god that gave them SOMETHING over someone, in this case women, no matter what other problems they had.

Do you remember the Irish AND Catholic nation rising as a solid block to elect Kennedy, one of our youngest and most loved Presidents, against all odds of a non-wasp being elected? He was neouveau riche, a dirty immigrant to boot and a lockstep Catholic and the common man had had enough and elevated him to the highest level the nation could bestow because they voted as one with a purpose to promote their own kind, just as the Irish Catholics did with the fire and police in NY and Boston.

The sexist glass ceiling of not only corporate America but political America still needs to be broken. Itís been breached in spots but American women are still underpaid compared to men in the same positions. Iím not sure thatís still applying to blacks. Race has been actively policed for the last 40 years with equal opportunity, although it applies to sex it isnít as well policed and women are still fighting victimization in rape and harassment issues. I think a black woman is doubly at risk.

So it is my proud decision to want to vote for Hilary Clinton because she is a woman and because none of her political viewpoints are terribly off and so I donít think in her worst moments she could do much harm. I think sheís one tough cookie that can deal with the best of them and I think she knows how to make things work in the political arena as well as any man.

I find no shame in this view. I feel like I am voting for the equal rights amendment again. I am trying to elevate a woman and yes I have an issue with the black man that laughed at me many years ago as a child and yes I have an issue with the people that say sex is an irrelevant factor when race and religion werenít for an Irish Catholic that definitely shattered the WASP boundaries for all time. Why is sex any less important than race? Is one form of discrimintaion better than another?

Yes, itís time for a President of color and yes itís time for a woman but I can only vote for one and guess what? Iím not black but I am a woman. Thatís MY issue and Iím voting it unless some miracle worker appears because frankly they arenít all that different from each other and I think Hillary will guard abortion and thatís a whole Ďnother kettle of fish to fry.

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