Lost was FANTASTIC! I couldnít believe it when it ended and I looked at the clock and it was 10PM already. The time just flew by! My next two months are going to be very happy on Thursdays, alright, alright, I like American Idol too so Iíll be glued to the TV the whole middle of the week.

Fred and I are making plans to go to Niagara Falls Memorial Day weekend (am I wrong thinking itís the 24th to the 26th?) and then we'll go to Mountain Jam at Hunterís Mountain in NY again the following weekend May 30th to June 1st. Now that Iím working we canít do the full weekend but Iím hoping to catch Friday night and Saturday the whole day.

That will take care of one of my Bucket List Items, which is to see Niagara Falls, and my brother called and took care of another. Heís giving me an old Lumina that canít pass inspection for the Marshfield Fairís Demolition Derby. He wanted to give it to me but I told him Iíd buy it for the junk price and get my money back after I junk it (after I total it in the derby). He says the engine is pretty perky so I might race it first at Seekonk although as a beginner thatís a scary place. Thereís plenty of semi-proís (read crazy drivers) there that are only held back by a lack of sponsors.

Work is doing well, despite my penchant for pissing bosses off with questions they donít like to answer. Iím surprised at how many are taken as confrontational when not meant that way. Iím just looking for them to their set priorities so I know what they are but I think they donít like to nail themselves down like that because then they canít change them every two seconds and ask me to do one thing while holding me responsible for another without giving me any time to accomplish it.

Just sayiní

All in all life is good and if I knew my karma would repay me with a life like this before the Ex left I wouldnít have been so scared.

I know some of you look at it as holding on but really when all you have to compare this with is 25 years with one person, constantly pleasing and caring for them with little or no thanks, and suddenly you have someone doing that all for you .. well, itís kind of hard not to compare. I sit on awe everyday that he kisses me goodbye like he means it, comes back on time and checks in with me if heís going to be delayed. You know .. common courtesy for someone you love. I NEVER knew if the Ex would be coming home and he would NEVER call and tell me where he was or what he was doing or, God forbid, invite me.

I feel like doing the Sally Field Oscar quote of , ďYou like me! You really, really like me!Ē

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