I had three doctorís appointments today:
1. A plastic surgeon. Iím finishing my upper eye lift I got a couple years ago with the bottoms and then a brow lift combined. Yeah!

2. The hand doctor. I apparently have about 80% of my function back in my broken finger and can expect a bit more over the next few months. Iím released from therapy. Yeah!

3. My personal physician. It seems when I went to the gun range I didnít put on my ear protection correctly and perforated my ear drum. It should have cleared up quicker than this (3 weeks!) so he is sending me to a specialist tomorrow. BOO!

Another ding danged doctorís visit! I spent 140 dollars on doctorís today and another 20 tomorrow. DANG!

My doc was ribbing me about the inexpensive firing range we went to and was saying, ďNot that cheap now, is it?Ē I coulda smacked him but I just smiled and said, ďAnd more about how to wear safety equipment.Ē

But really who woulda thunk? Iíve gone to louder concerts and didnít leak fluid through my eardrum this long. What I think happened is that I put on my safety glasses first and then the ear muffs afterwards and I think the glasses held the ear protector off my right ear and being and shooting right handed I must have concentrated and directed each and every shock wave right up my arm and into my ear. If I ever shoot again Iíll be d&mned sure that I have everything on right!

Remember how happy Iíve been saying I am lately? Well I snagged this test off of Jenn at http://thatgaychick.livejournal.com/ and took it. Iím amazed at the results but it really reflects how I feel now.

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 8.7
Mind: 8.7
Body: 7.5
Spirit: 9.6
Friends/Family: 7.5
Love: 9.1
Finance: 8.5
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