I'm so excited! My new garden window is going in as we speak! I took a before picture but I left my camera with Fred so he can take pictures as it goes in. It's a wonderful thing, this new kitchen, but I feel so discombobulated with nothing, not even a dish in its right spot.

Nothing has a spot anymore, not even my stove which is disconnected and shoved in a corner. My tableware is heaped on my table and my pots and pans are stacked willy nilly in a big plastic container. Nothing is functional and I hate it!

As much as this is going to be great when it's done I'm at odds right now. It kind of surprised me that I would feel so adrift in the chaos. I'm usually better at this "go with the flow" kind of stuff. I guess it only works when my personal "stuff" is settled and I have a safe haven to escape to instead of a big mess.

Fred just sent me pictures!

This is the inside. If you look you can see that another window was behind the wall we tore down and it was just sitting there all these years without me knowing it. That was a surprise! The suspended ceiling is taken down and the crap paneling on the walls is partially down, along with some insulation I'm going to have to restore and my sink is gone and that's my stove shoved into the left hand corner.

Inside My house

This is the back of my house. I shudder whenever I think that I let someone cut away 5 feet of my back wall, especially on a 20 degree day.

Outside My house

But that is the north side of my house and this window will make a HUGE difference in the amount of light I get in that room. Hopefully it will be downright cheerful and sunny this summer.

I guess my dog is hiding under the afghan on the sofa and my bird has a blanket over the cage. They should be fine. I hope it goes in perfectly! *crosses fingers*

I'll be sure to post an after shot when it's done.

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New Window!