I got tagged by Goat Barn Witch to do this meme. It was kind of fun but I wish I had a more interesting book.

1. Pick up the nearest book ( of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people & post a comment here once you post it to your blog, so I can come see.

Okee, you're going to hate me. My newest book has no plot, no teaser. It's "The Everything Love Spells Book" by Dutton & St. Onge. Here is page 123 starting on the 5th sentence:

Common Edible Aphrodisiacs

Alcohol: passion & lust
Apricots: sensual love
Avocado: beauty, love and lust
Banana; fertility, phallic symbol
Cucumbers: love, beauty and lust
Cherry: love, attraction and fertility

And so on and so on to strawberries.
I think everyone I know was already tagged but if not consider yourself tagged!

I had a rotten night last night. It started with getting stopped at H0me Dep0t when I used Fred's credit card (he gave me one) It turns out that someone has been making online purchases with it including one plane ticket to Malaysia. He's cancelled it and is getting new ones for us.

Next I came home and my Windows upgrade to Vista was corrupted and I had to repair it. Then I had to try to get online. I've been thrown off all week long and I finally wanted to fix it for good. That didn't happen but I got on long enough to get my email and found out that my paypal had been turned off because someone tried to access the account.

I jumped through hoops changing my security questions, passwords and accepting automated phone calls and it was STILL restricted. I've been wanting to buy a Golf Widow guest post for awhile but now I not only had no paypal but my internet kept popping me offline and rebooting was the only way to fix it but my windows installation was corrupt and I had to do it like three times to get it to reboot correctly.

So .. sick .. of .. this

So anyways I call Paypal and get the restriction lifted only to find out that they stopped my payment when I renewed my domain, because of the restriction, so that's expired too! So now I call GoDaddy and renew and find out that it actually went through but I hadn't bought any hosting so I bought that. But first they asked me for a number I set up as a pin two years ago. Then they asked me for the last four digits of a credit card on an expired bank account so he could access my account. By an incredible twist of fate I had the expired card otherwise I never would have been able to give customer service access to my account by phone.

Anyways I ended up with a GW post and my Domains and my Paypal unrestricted but I had to push it further, didn't I? I joined Rhapsody to go. For 14.99 a month my mp3 player can DL unlimited songs but in a format that isn't burnable or playable by anything other than my player. I can still purchase songs in MP3 format for 89 cents a song but I can just listen to all my favorites until I get sick of them, at which time I just load up my new favorites for the one price.

Well I hosed it up by entering two different email addresses and an expired credit card. Can we say STUPID? I thought we could .. anyways I thought I got that straightened out except that I've been trying to buy a song for two days now and it's not downloading. Guess where customer service is for all these places .. yup, India. They answer whatever question they feel like answering and not the one I asked because they don't understand me anymore than I understand them.

To make it worse they all start up with that annoying electronic voice asking for your account numbers and wanting to tell you things that you don't want to know. I end up yelling "HUMAN!, HUMAN!" at it until it gives up and transfers me to an Indian, which really is no help at all.


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