Jeepers Creepers we're busy today. I put the phone down and it rings again the second it hits the cradle. Today would be a great day to use Golf Widow's guest post so here it is:


Golf Widow

I forgot The Lady Whom I Always Think of as Summer-Gale's quit-smoking anniversary. It was the end of November; I think I was overwhelmed with Thanksgiving preparations and a bunch of work stuff at the time.

I feel bad having forgotten, but I know that, with every lovely clean breath she takes without pain or coughing (and every six bucks she saves by not having to buy smokes), she gave herself better propers by quitting than I could have by sending a card.

This is one of my favorite places to visit online, incidentally. It gives me such hope. Summer-Gale hit rock-bottom healthwise and heartwise shortly before I discovered her, and to see her back in full-force, enjoying a complete turnaround from the rotten cards Fate had been dealing her; well, it does me good. Take that, Fate.

I haven't seen Summer-Gale in person in over a thousand days. We ate Chinese food, we laughed, we "saw something shiny", and we talked and talked and talked.

We're going to have to do that again sometime.

Yes we must do that again and thanks for remembering my quitaversarry

Gotta Run .. Boy is it busy!

PS Watch the total Lunar eclipse tonight!

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