Well, nothing came of that email except they forwarded it to the FBI. I guess they have a special squad that does that stuff. I eventually looked at the full headers and the IP address was in London. No biggy. I just hope it doesn't go to someone that might believe it.

I had to come into work early today to justify leaving early for a physical and so what happens? Yup a snow storm that will probably have us all dismissed by noon and my appointment cancelled so that I woke up and came in an hour early for nothing grrrr.

(But I love a good snow storm from the safety of my cozy home and now I have a gigantic garden window to look out of too.)

On the home front Fred stayed home all week and rearranged and installed all my lights and outlets. After that new larger window went in and in preparation of a real ceiling instead of a suspended ceiling every single light and outlet had to be moved and/or replaced. I had the equivalent of two shop lights up behind my old suspended ceiling and now I have two much smaller, florescent, low profile, cloud lights and of course I asked for more outlets and to solve the problem of not being able to run my microwave and my dishwasher at the same time. He fixed everything and did a great job.

The rest of the week Fred was glad to be back to being the general contractor instead of being the contractor and just supervising the blue board installation (one guy partially buried our access to my cellar with board) that has it's share of idiots and today the plaster goes up.

This morning all my light fixtures were down in preparation of this and I fixed my breakfast by the light of a bedroom lamp relocated into my kitchen. I picked up my sandwich bags in the living room and constructed everything balanced on an edge of the base of my new window because everything is jammed into my living room. I couldn't even watch LOST last night without threading my way past cartons in my bedroom and watching through a visual pathway we left to the TV.

Monday the painter comes and then I can at least install my light fixtures and move my table back into the kitchen and out of my living room and then it will be a tad more sane around here. The plumber comes in the same day (that will be fun with the painter there too ) and he will move my heat and my kitchen sink plumbing. My cabinets come the 28th and at least some of them will be installed by the 29th.

I was thinking, "Oh what a relief that will be" but it turns out that I still will have no counter top! The silestone guys can't make a template until after the cabinets are installed. I will still be living with plywood placed over my pretty new counters until that goes in but at least I can move everything into the new cabinets .. so the worst is over by Friday of next week.

I don't know how I would have managed without Fred. I didn't miss one day of work because he worked from home in between doing all this and I think he's enjoying it. He tells me that his Ex wouldn't let him or ask him to do anything around the house and she'd complain and disparage his work if he tried. He's a wonderful worker and game to try anything! She just really missed the boat when it comes to enjoying what Fred is all about.

Ya know what else he's enjoying? The Moose. It's redneck living for the north. We went in the other night and the TV's were off. I asked why because they're NEVER off. It turns out the club has been stealing cable for 9 years and no one knew because it was lost in the past by whoever originally did it. But you'd think in all these years one Treasurer would have wondered, "Hey where's the cable bill?" Fred is an officer there now and I teased him unmercifully asking him how he could let this happen.

Furthermore the two Moose dart teams had a bet over who was better and had a playoff. The loser had the other teams' logo shaved into the back their head. Well the loser did it but the winner felt so bad he did it too and so hair was aflyin' Tuesday night. Fred thought this was hilarious and loved it. For a guy that never was allowed out and had no friends he has his own CHEERS bar now and he's been assimilated. He's Borg now. He's one of us.

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