So, I'm so discombobulated lately that I begged Fred to put up the lights on the ceiling. I was sick of shop bulbs hanging from my new window. At least I'd able to see to make my lunch in the morning. He worked very hard and put up two clouds and some spots. Then I watched American Idol and he went to the Moose. He saw our painter there .. he's not finished with the ceiling.

I'm so sorry! After all that work Fred needs to take it all down, all because I wanted some normal too soon.

*hangs head*

But the cabinet delivery people just called and they come tomorrow between 8AM and noon!


It's hard to stay sorry over a boo boo when you get such good news!

Work is going well but I'm still in that dynamic where you create your pecking order and they're still getting to know you. They haven't quite made up their minds if I'm a liability or an asset because I need a lot of help still but I know I'm learning. When it finally clicks and I know where I stand with each one, I'll feel it and know. I think I'm there with friendly T but S is very snobby kind of smart and I think he dismisses me until I prove myself.

No Problem .

All I need is a hand up and some time.

There is one woman here I'd like to get closer to but so far it's been crazy and I wonder how the heck they fielded all these calls minus a person. With the warmer weather though I'll ask her to go for walks at lunch.

My boss is also very mentally sharp and he's very much a company man. If I'm late by 15 minutes he wants it added to my time that night or the next morning but he conveniently forgets how I work through my lunch because they all do. I hope I can change that when I start my walks. Truthfully I'd have no problem being docked on my pay because right now I'm working 9 hour days because I'm trying to make up the time I missed for doctor's appointments. I mean just dock me a day, but then he'll know that money isn't a big incentive to me. The fact that I don't commute far is the big draw here.


Cabinets are coming!!!

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A Light Boo Boo