Itís been a long time since Iíve posted. My Gold membership is coming up for renewal and Iím of two minds about it at this point, but I probably will renew. I like having the choice.

The holidays went well and now Iím starting to concentrate on Fredís and my wedding. Iíve rented an outdoor pavilion, Iíve hired a great band and I think Iíve found a caterer and a bartender. Iím happy with how my casual wedding is going so far. Iíve also found a JP who seems to have a very nice and very short ceremony, which suits me just fine.

In January I joined a gym and finally got serious about losing weight so Iím not a cow of a bride. Iíve lost ten pounds and hope to God I can keep going in the downward direction. Although this morning I quit this murderous aerobic group session 30 minutes into the hour but if Iíd stayed any longer I think they would have found out what the defibrillation paddles are for. Iíll try it again but WOWZER was that hard!

Iíve been lifting weights which is something you can sneak up on by gradually adding weights unlike the energizer bunny aerobics people. I can feel that Iím stronger and I am very happy that Iím trying to do this the healthy way this time even though a ten pound loss still has me at 174 pounds so I still have work ahead of me.

With the economy in the shape itís in we may have to postpone the honeymoon trip weíd planned out to Mt Rushmore and then over to Yellowstone but I donít mind. If thatís the worst thing that happens to me in an economy this bad then Iím still the luckiest person around.

I have my health. Iím in love. I have someone I absolutely trust and my family is doing well. My youngest attains her Masters degree this June. My oldest is also taking night classes and everyone is in great health. Iím blessed.

The wine & cheese store I want to open is going very slow with the attorney but since I donít want to open until June Iím good with that too.

Today is warm but very windy so Iím hunkering down with a quilt and watching What Not to Wear. Life is good :)

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