My daughter emailed a link to a clip of a longer lecture. I understand it's a very shortened version of the actual lecture that can be heard in full on youtube. You can listen by clicking HERE and from there I bet you consider it worthwhile to hear the whole thing. His name is Randy Pausch and God help him he is still with us 3 months longer than the doctor's predicted. I found it to be inspirational although I ended up crying. It's a perfect lesson on how to live from someone who is dying.

Changing speeds here .. The cabinets come today so I can finally get some installed tomorrow and start to move this crap out of my living room. We don't even want to go home anymore. It's so messy that you can't think or organize. Even watching the TV sucks because it's buried so we watch in the bedrooms.

But the friggen walls and ceilings are DONE now, for real, so I can have the lights installed.

Fred just emailed and they're delivered. This is how my kitchen looks now. If you go back two entries you'll see my crowded living room. I have no idea how I'll open the fridge or get to my clothes that are through that door you see. I wanted to clean the floor under where the cabinets will go too. I'm glad I didn't try this when I was raising children. We would have ended up in a hotel .. as a matter of fact that isn't sounding bad right now.

But the good news is that by tomorrow they will start to be put in place and I can start to live again! (and cook and see TV)


Now go watch that clip, you'll be glad you did.

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Cabinets Arrive