Well, two days post-op leaves me not much better looking but feeling a whole bunch better with all of that anesthesia out of me. Iím doing some cephalex as an antibiotic and some prednisone to prevent swelling and Iíve restarted my multivitamins and herbs. On Thursday were it was only red has progressed to a nice dark blue as the blood settled but my forehead doesnít squish as much when touched. Otherwise I donít look too much different than the last picture. Iíll be sure to post one after the stitches are out though, probably Monday afternoon.

I have to stay at home Monday anyways because some asshat smashed my driverís side window on my car. Nothing was taken but with 3 inches of rain due between today and tonight Iím very glad that Fred noticed it. Where nothing was taken I think it was kids that congregate across the street after the local Mom & Pop store has closed. They provide a nice bright spotlight on the store to prevent break-ins but in my opinion it just gives them light to congregate by at night, all night.

So I have to drive to Hyannis with a broken window with my head dressed up like a mummy to get my stitches out. Afterwards I wait at home for Giant Glass to come out and fix it. I am so pissed. I almost could believe it was some jealousy over my kitchen and being able to put back the clock with my surgery but so few people know that it seems improbable that the people that do know would do this. To further clarify, lots of people know about the kitchen but very few know about me and I donít think theyíd get furious over a new kitchen. But people do have all kinds of reactions to plastic surgery, but then again thatís mostly older people. Kids could give a ratís arse so Iím back to square one with it being kids just rough housing and my car was in the way. At least I hope thatís what it is. Iíd be very uncomfortable thinking I was targeted.

I can tell Iím getting better. I want to get out in the worst way but with bruised eyes, Vaseline soaked hair and wrapped up like the Mummy I think Iíd have small children running and screaming. I thought, maybe, just maybe, I could pull my hoody up over the bandages and wear sunglasses into the mall to hide my eyes but thatís just too conspicuous.

If anyone asks you what the worst part of vanity surgery is you can tell them itís going stir crazy once you feel better but you donít look better yet and being stuck in the house. This is my third day and by Monday it will be my fifth day. I hope to gosh I look better by then and can return to work. I need OUT!

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