Well I re-upped for a year of supergold with Diaryland. I like the new changes. It used to take forever to post a comment but now with the new "enter these words to prove you're a human" thing it's much faster and easier, yet it still defeats spam. I like the new format where it shows you new entries and users online in little (very clickable) boxes. It's so easy that I've started reading other diaries trying to find my next good read. I think Andrew's still screwing around with colors though.

Speaking of Andrew I sent him a note at help and at Andrew at diaryland.com and he responds right away. So many people say they don't get any response but I do. I don't get a personal email but I get what I need done. I'm sad that his changes went in too late to save some of his customers but I'm glad that I stayed and I like the new changes and he promises more to come. The personal touch is definitely gone though. I will miss that excitement and feeling of community it fostered back when I started in 2002 but I'm just too familiar with Diaryland and how it operates and too time crunched to learn another system just now.

Any hoodle my daughter DIDN'T move in last night. She called and said she thought that they'd found a cottage for rent by a pond (nice for the summer!) and she didn't think it would be worth it for the week it will take them to rent it and move. I told her if she needs to move in later it's always an open option.

I would NEVER say the following words to her. I don't want her to make crucial decisions according to what is convenient for me.

But with that said .. I'm glad my house remains my own and Fred and I still have our privacy.

She never reads this so she'll never know but I had problems with room (I took over her bedroom) and s-e-x being overheard and three people taking showers in the morning with my septic tank and refrigerator room and just a whole slew of things I haven't had to adjust to in about 4 years.

So even though I did the right thing and made her welcome I can remain self centered and selfish in my dotage (neener) as she didn't take the offer when it came to crunch time. And Fred? He must have had all the same problems but he didn't whisper even one to me. His heart is in the right place, god bless him, even when it's not his kid.

My stitches came out this morning, the ones across the top of my head. It feels so much better. The bruising is going away and when it's really gone I'll post my final AFTER picture. I like the result but I think the procedure is overpriced and mine was a typical price for this area. I also wish I'd been given the option of doing it endoscopically but I don't think my doctor had experience with that procedure and so I didn't find out about it until I did some research after the operation. But all in all I have more real estate on my upper lids than I've had in years and less wrinkles on my lowers. I think I was in my twenties the last time I had this much unwrinkled lid.

Yannow what's nice? I gave up on metallic, shiny eyeshadow and went to muted earth tones because metallics would eventually migrate to the creases and would show off my wrinkles instead of adorn my eyes. Well metallics are back BABEE! Eye popping sweeps of color and room for three colors to highlight my brow, upper, upper lid and lower, upper lid with room left over for liner. Now that I've lost that to age once I'm really loving having my eyes back!

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