Geesh! Work is busy today! I think it will only get worse as inventory approaches. It's next Tuesday. They scheduled me for a 12 hour day on Tuesday and I qualify for OT here. Score! Especially since I had all that missing time for the surgery.

What I didn't expect was this; When I paid off my car I had almost 300 dollars left in the account. I was happy. I owned my car before it fell apart and saved about 350 dollars in a years worth of interest by paying it early. Except for one gotcha. I forgot that I'd given my oldest a 500 dollar check for my grandson's braces to get started. She cashed it the same day that I paid off my car. Luckily I have overdraft protection and right now I owe it 280 bucks.

The thing is that I am trying to switch my direct deposit to that bank and I was afraid that it wouldn't be accepted to a zero sum checking account. So I transferred 100 bucks from my house checking account that Fred and I set up to the overdrawn account so it wouldn't be inactivated (the internet is a magical place). I was afraid the overdraft line of credit would eat it up and I have some strange sweep charge on the checking account (what the heck is that?) but everything should at least work now *crosses fingers* because this Saturday I'm walking into the bank and asking for 10K on that line of credit so I can pay off the high interest H0me Dep0t credit card and then lock in the low interest rate the Fed just cut to pay off my kitchen. I get even more of a savings if I have the direct deposit and they automatically withdraw it, so that's why I'm setting it up.

I'm usually so careful with money but truthfully I haven't balanced my checkbook in over a year with Fred here. He makes sure everything works and I've gotten lazy and content to be taken care of. It's my fault it happened and I have absolutely no impetus (neener) to correct it because he thinks my boo boos are adorable and he likes fixing them and helping me as long as it isn't too stupid and expensive. And I guess I like him fixing me.

I used to do all this for the Ex. I really appreciate it being done for me. I have to remind myself not to abuse it though. No disasters! This one narrowly escaped. It wouldn't be funny if Fred became me and I became my Ex but the parallels are so striking that I can't help but make the connection.

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I Am Not My Ex