Happy Spring!

It's beautiful out and I'm going to take my new puppy (and me) for a walk today. My new puppy is so soft to sleep with. I've never had a dog I could sleep with before and it's really nice. But I have to kind of keep track of him even in my sleep. He's only ten pounds so I could flip him a few feet by merely stretching and he's just so *LITTLE*! Fred could crush him but he seems to have radar for him too. He's slept with his other dogs before.

Speaking of Fred he handed me a Boat and RV "For Sale" Trader magazine to look through. Man O' Man there is some nice stuff out there. My dream for us is to have a motor home to travel and camp in and a boat since we live by the ocean. Fred wants to start with the camper because he thinks we will get more use out of it but he's never had a boat with a cuddy cabin that you can sleep in along with easy access to the ocean. In any case we signed up for a mooring in Plymouth Bay. The waiting list is 6 flippin' years but they sometimes have seasonal rentals through the harbor master.

All in all life is easy, life is fun, life is as it always should have been. Not a day goes by that he doesn't ask me if there is something he can do for me. He's a MUCH nicer person than I am and more generous. I can hardly believe my luck! Tonight he's going to some amateur (ham) radio meeting. He's such an engineering nerd. I just know he'll have one of those 50 foot antenna's up on my house someday soon and everyone will think I'm the one screwing up their TV, even if they have cable! He wanted me to come but I wouldn't have understood a word they said. Maybe after I've studied some. He wants me to get my license and that sounds fun, just not right now.

I'm just too busy to take on another thing. Between classes and studying for MCSE tests and then this journal change of life. I tell you I've been obsessed. The Older pages should work now although there's nothing really archived as of yet. But something happened to the fonts and the colors that I might like and so I want to figure out how to do it on purpose.

Also I figured out why the left was so hard to see especially when the window was resized. The template I plagarized started with had everything measured in absolute positioning from the right. When I converted it to the left then the left didn't get cut off. Hopefully this will help you guys running a desktop at less than 1024 by 768 pixels. I learned more about CSS style sheets than I ever wanted to but now that I have, it really does make things easier.

Now to make banners again! Anyone have any suggestions of freeware that might make some good ones? Any good dragon slogans?

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Happy Spring!!