Who the heck are the Jonas Brothers? I never heard of them (and I listen to top ten music stations) and now they're everywhere. I guess they're a Disney creation but jumping Jehoshaphat they just came out of nowhere in the last month and now I hear that they're playing around here and they're giving away tickets on my radio station but I have yet to hear one of their songs on the very same station. Must investigate ..

About ten years ago the state released turkeys into the wild around here. For about a year it was a massacre on the streets. They were farm born birds learning to eat wild and how to stay alive. After that first year it was hard to find a survivor for a year or two. After that sudden explosion of turkeys to have them all disappear like that was sad.

Well, I guess they were decimated in numbers but the few who lived became survivors and their offspring did too. Well here it is ten years later and there are turkeys EVERYWHERE again. They stroll along the town roads in the margins of the forest in packs as large as ten birds. This has to be the most successful release they've had. Who woulda thunk it? It just took time and I think it's kind of cool to see them back.

My counter top is being installed next Thursday. My dinner party is Saturday. Talk about the nick of time!

I'm pissed about who went home in American Idol but I won't name names until Britain sees it tonight.

Lost is blowing me the F*ck away .. I can't believe they're finally answering all these questions. I can't believe that I have to wait until the end of April to resume the series either and it will be on ANOTHER hour later at TEN. I mean WTF? Just because they can doesn't mean they should.

Watched Misguided last night Ashton Kutcher was to die for and the series is hysterical. I think ABC is my favorite station on Thursdays. Misguided, Lost and then Eli Stone, well I'm just glued to the couch all night!

I'm going to see Drill Bit Taylor tonight at the movies YAAY! It may look juvenile but it looks funny as hell too.

What is with Rolling Rock Beer Company trying to laser their logo onto the moon? Is this real?

I need to link my haloscan comments to something more unique than my subject. What if I label another one "More Stuff" months from now? What if I need one labeled Fred again?

Well if I have nothing to say I think I've said enough of it!

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