I'm sitting in class at the moment. I have a suspicion that this is going to be the driest of these dry classes. It's titled Planning and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure.


Fred went to Connecticut last weekend and I had my niece over while he was gone. We went to the gym and she loved it. She said it made her feel adult to go to a gym. I got a chuckle out of that but I guess having a gym membership is kind of adult.

After Fred returned and took us out for brunch that Sunday we went to Ikea and bought him a futon bed for his house because that's what will fit up the stairs of his Connecticut house. We also stopped and looked at some RV's. Maybe you guys can help us out if you own or used RV's. We are uncertain what to get. For instance:

Trailer Pro's are that they are cheap and have less to break as there is no motor to maintain also when you arrive where you are going you have a smaller vehicle to sight see in once you disconnect the trailer. Con's are that they are harder to set up and break down, especially if you are moving daily also you are forced into owning a vehicle that can tow a large trailer and I'd imagine that towing something that large behind you is pretty sketchy.

Class C motor homes are much pricier than a trailer but are cheaper than Class A and can be pretty roomy as far as living quarters but the driving experience leaves something to be desired as they are like being in a small cockpit as it is basically a converted truck. I've seen center consoles so big once the truck is converted that the passenger side doesn't even have enough room to stretch your legs out straight.

Class A motor homes are the most expensive but are a better driving experince as they are basically a bus with much more room and visibility (bus windshield and higher up from the ground plus a smoother bus suspension) but both the class A and the Class C are too big to sight see in around town (about 30 feet or longer if it's a class A) so you have to tow a small car behind it. They both have the advantage of just parking it when you get where you're going and no real set up like a towable trailer has. You can set your jacks but you don't have to if you are on reasonably flat ground and don't extend any slide out extensions that it may have. You can literally slide from the drivers seat to the bed.

What would you get? Do you know a pro or con that I didn't think of?

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