I'm like hyperventilating here! We have a flame war going on mostly between one brother and me but my other siblings were kind of pulled into it. I'm ready to strangle him he's so infuriating. I write things to him and he completely ignores or invalidates what I say and writes something wrong and then I have to correct him over and over like he thinks I'm lying about it. I told him STFU and he didn't know what it meant .. lol! I even told him to google it and I guess he didn't because he still doesn't know. But I tell you between Dad and him I'm ready to just sell out and be done with the whole thing. It's not like this land means anything practical to any of them. It's all just sentimental value.

Big Breath! .. Breathe In …Hold .. Breathe out. Whew .. feeling better.

Okee dokee time to tell you about something happy. My counter tops go in today! YAAY! The trim goes up today (around doors and floorboards)! YAAY! My nautical knobs were delivered yesterday just a hair before the installer came in today! YAAY!

I'm really pleased about the knobs. I got a variety of clam shells, seahorses, starfish and fish and I'm putting the knobs on the cabinets entirely random so the pulls don't match on opposing doors and it will be more like the ocean visited my kitchen. If I hate it the holes are drilled and I can just unscrew them and match them up but I think a varied school of sea creatures swimming across my cabinets will be original looking.

I've hired a girl to help me clean this Saturday morning. My dinner party for my high school friends (it's an annual get together) is that evening and I will cook that afternoon. I'm going with chicken cutlets because I can make them beforehand. I want to sit with my company and not be cooking.

For the first time since 1983, when I bought this house, I will not be ashamed of my home and I will be happy to entertain in my house. It's not the Ritz but it's not shitty looking anymore either. Plus if I serve enough wine it will look even better!

Pictures to come! (I haven't even seen it yet!)

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