Well my nephew and I went to see Meet The Robinsons in Disney 3D and it was AWESOME! I think all movies should be in 3D after seeing this. Dream works has announced just that beginning in 2008 or 9 (I forget which) Itís such an immersive experience and it seems like you are right there in the movie with them because the boundaries arenít limited by the size of the screen. It comes right out towards you. It feels more like you are looking into another room rather than watching a screen.

The next morning we got up and saw the noon showing of Blades of Glory and it was hilarious! It was very physical slapstick type of humor like the stooges used to be. I laughed so much! I think BOTH movies are wonderful and fun to see with your family no matter what age you are. And if you get a chance to see the first one in 3D do it! If not then plan on seeing the re-release of The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D around Halloween time. Itís coming and I think it will be great. They say that they make twice as much money at 3D screenings as the 2D and I can see why.

Saturday evening we went to babysit my grandkids (his cousins) and then the next morning I had to bring him back because he wanted extra time to clean the house because his GIRLFRIEND was coming over. Girlfriend? Clean? Whatís happened to my little boy? Where did you hide him and give him back right now!

I took my daughter with me when I returned him becauseshe wanted to go furniture shopping. She painted like ONE room in her house and it was opening Pandoraís box. She ordered a new wood floor for the dining room. She wants to paint the whole house. She wants new furniture. She wants a completely different look and role for the ďfamily roomĒ that the family doesnít use. She wants to change that.

Anyways I took her to Ikea. It was too big and the furniture looked like it belonged in a dorm room to her. I took her to Jordanís Furniture. A single bar stool was $295 bucks, an entertainment center was $3000 bucks a couch was AT LEAST $2000 after you added in a coffee table or sofa table or anything. I took her to Bobís Furniture (we wil not be undersold) and BINGO she was on fire. The WHOLE living room was $3000 dollars with a GIGANTIC entertainment center and a wrap around couch that has a chaise and two recliners in it and a sofa table and coffee table. Sheís painting that room as we speak and she already gave away the furniture that was in there. When its right, its right and she moved at warp speed.

She was so busy buying and picking colors and woods that she didnít notice that the store had closed and they had to unlock it to let us out! I brought her home after picking up some pizza for her family and went out for supper with Fred. He missed me! Awwwww! I missed him too :)

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