Fred has been gone for two weekends now and I feel like there is something missing between us but I guess its just the physical part added to me being kind of cranky lately. He opened his car door into mine last night and I yelled at him even past the point where he apologized. So it came as a double sided surprise when he left for work this morning after telling me that he was going to stay and work from home today. I *had* told him that I had promised my daughter that Id be painting with her and I couldnt stay and entertain him if he stayed home but he said that was ok as he really did need to concentrate and work. I figured he was staying home for the s-e-x weve been missing so I was very surprised when he passed it up and snuck out of bed and went in to work anyways.

I called him and asked him if he was mad at me and he said no but something is off between us. Maybe now that the ring is actually on my finger hes feeling funny or maybe Ive just been bitchy lately. Who knows? He certainly isnt saying anything other than I love you to me so I dont know and maybe its only me feeling this off-ness and hes flippin fine and just changed his mind due to too much work to do.

I hate when my feelings or my 6th sense or instincts or whatever you call it are off like this and I sense something that probably isnt even there. But Im going to make sure I make him very happy very soon just in case Im right to restore balance between us or at least in my whacked out head.

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Am I Crazy?