This is getting really old. I'm out of work again. Thank God for Fred and the safety net he represents or I'd be in real trouble. Yesterday my boss accepted a spreadsheet I fixed for him when he asked last week if I knew how to create Excel charts and I said, "Of course" and I created two new tabs and the associated charts he wanted by region and by branch. Then he accepted the new program I created in Delphi so the regions could edit their own branches and the min/max their employees could spend. He said good job.

Then he asked me into his office and let me go. He said that I had too much absenteeism for a new employee and that he didn't think I "got" the job, although he liked the work I had handed him. When I asked him why he hadn't told me this before so I could have corrected myself he said, "Well I suppose I should have said something but every time I was going to say something I'd see an improvement, so I didn't. I suppose that's my fault."

I just find it incredibly coincidental that right after their year end when everything was going to settle out and be slow and one week before I'd pass their 3 month probationary period and I'd get health benefits, I get let go. How else could I go one week shy of 3 months with them with no complaints of any kind and suddenly I'm sub par and let go?

But I have to say the gut always knows. From the start I never felt like I fit despite liking the job and the commute. So I simply said in response to his, "I think you're not the best fit for this job" "That makes me sad because I really liked this job." And I cleaned out my desk and left. That's another thing, I hand over two well completed tasks and he doesn't even wait until Friday? What's up with that?

I can't even collect unemployment. I haven't had enough working quarters to qualify again.

Maybe now I'll have the time to finish taking my MCSE tests while I start the interview process again. I hate starting over. I repeat .. Thank You God, for sending me Fred

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