Fred and I went shopping for a captain's bed. We need the storage and besides I live in a cottage and it's very nautical looking. We looked everywhere and couldn't find a good looking Queen sized bed. I wanted the one with both the bookcase headboard and under bed storage. We could find a few in full sized or twin youth beds but not in adult furniture. There was one internet site that was custom making them but it wasn't as nice as what I wanted and there was no matching bureau.

Last week I went with my daughter who was shopping for new furniture and I kept an eye out for the bed. It seems all they make is sleigh beds nowadays. We went to Ikea, Jordan's, Bassett, a few smaller stores and finally Bob's Furniture. She loved Bob's and bought there but guess what I found .. yup, a Captain's bed. I went back with Fred and he bought it along with the matching mule chest. You can see it by clicking HERE.

I just love it but I pushed delivery out until May 11th so I can finish the walls and floor. I'm sanding and polyurethaning (sp?) the floor and painting the walls white. I think I'm going to be very happy with that room after its completed. That will leave only the kitchen and bathroom to be redone. I had to do alot of work over the years but an end is in sight. Thank my lucky stars!

I wish when my life fell apart in August 2003 that I could have seen the future and how full and good its become.

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A New Bedroom!