I made it to the gym last night. I missed all last week due to doing real work, such as painting at my daughter's house, as opposed to fake work, like walking on treadmills. I think one of the best ways for me to judge this new diet is to see how I feel during my work out. Last night I was consistent but sluggish, as usual. I find I'm so used to a high carb diet and avoiding fats that it's odd to include them without feeling that I'm doing something wrong.

Suddenly sandwiches are back on the menu (whole grain pita pockets) with real meat in them. Breakfast is weird though, it's typically a high carb meal with cereal, muffins, toast etc so adding protein and having it still look like breakfast is hard. I don't like eggs everyday so I'm resorting to low fat yogurt. (low fat, not zero fat) But I'm using lunch for roast beef sandwiches every day which can't be that great for me with the animal fat but I'm loving it right now.

This coming Saturday looks to be pretty nice out and in the 50's so I'm setting Fred up to finish the caulking as I complete the painting of my upstairs bedroom. I can open windows without freezing my tropical bird or killing it with fumes. I just hate to use a beautiful day inside the house so I hope that I can finish it early and rip up the old rug on Sunday during the coming rain.

Speaking of weather they say tomorrow will bring a late spring snow storm but all I see is predictions of rain down my way, thank goodness. It's time for me to get some patch grass seed. All this spring rain is a great time for me to reseed where I've gone weedy in my lawn. (practically the whole thing!).

My tulips and daffodils are sprouting and unlike some of you further south they are still coming, along with my hyacinths and irises. I'll post a picture when it's in its full glory. BTW do you guys know the rule for using it's and its? I don't, that's for sure.

One good by product of commuting to school in Boston by train is that I read alot more. I just finished Robin Cook's Invasion and it was very entertaining. I loved the book but failed to see anything but a surface similarity to the TV show Invasion that I think was supposed to be based on this book.

Next up on my reading platter is the autobiography of Malcom X as told to Alex Haley. I remember the Black Panthers as more of a terrorist group than a black pride group and I'm hoping that this book will prove my impressions wrong. But can you tell me why every time a religious group expounds and encourages violence it's an Islamic group? Or at least it seems so for the last 20 years. I hate to sound politically incorrect but really this is what it appears to be. I'm not saying that all Islamic followers are violent but why does this religion seem to attract and encourage so much violence?

I know almost nothing about this religion but it seems to me that its violence extends beyond 3rd world ignorance and lack of education because Malcom X was educated, as are many of the men that blow themselves up in the name of Allah. I mean WTF?

Anyways I'm hoping that this book will unravel for me some of these questions and also give me some insight into what it was to be black in the 50's and 60's. The thing is that it's an AUTObiography written up by a close family friend. Alex Haley was God father to one of Malcom's daughters. If I ever get to write my own life story I can tell you right here and now I'm portraying myself as good and just and it was everyone else that made me do any bad things. Here's hoping he was capable of looking at himself and his culture with an honesty that I certainly don't have when it comes to viewing myself or any of my loved ones.

Review to follow, but yeah, I am starting this book highly sceptical of it's bias.

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