It's been a few days but I've been BUSY! And I accepted the job in Wareham for only 12 bucks an hour to start. I haven't made that low a wage since 1978 when it was a good wage. But I'm starting over and am at the bottom of the totem pole and I expect that the money in high tech isn't there to be made ever, where I'm going, but I think I could pull 20 bucks an hour out of it eventually.

What I expect is a friendly office where people talk and laugh as they work. It's a small office with at least two absolutely adorable girls who seem very nice. I want to love where I work for the first time in my life. I hope this place is it.

The product is ELON which is short for elongate. Their primary product is sold to Salons, Spas, Dermatologists and Podiatrists. It is a pill that you take for stronger, fuller hair which also stops thinning and a nail product that does the same for nails. They have numerous spin-offs from these two products such as vitamins for hair (Matrix) and a new anti-fungal treatment for nails. If you Google the word Elon and hair or nails you'll come up with three or four websites that they run. I'm hoping I can fix some of their broken links as one of my "hats".

I am starting to wonder if there is enough challenge in it though so I'm going to study for my tests for the MCSE on the side and get my certification in case I get bored. Even if I do this is going to be a vacation job to drop all this stress and let me find the right job back in my field while still doing something and making some (small) money.

Anyways so what have I been busy doing with this week off you may ask? When the Ex and I first broke up it was the same year that my last child graduated college and left home. I had this empty house I needed to reclaim as my own and it was stuffed to the gills with mementos of my life with my children and my two ex's. I made a first pass of junk vs memories back then and eventually got the "treasures" down to a rather large plastic tub that floundered in my downstairs bedroom for a very long time.

This week I went and sorted the piles into one gallon plastic zip lock bags with a year labeled on it starting with the nebulous pre-1970 which holds notes I passed with my friends from my high school years along with some pics of grandparents that are strangely younger than I remember them because they were taken before I was born up to 2008. In them are marriage certificates, first (new) cars, first mortgages, weddings, divorces and deaths. Also over the years I have tucked away newspaper headlines that I thought were stunning like bombing Momar Quadafy or Grenada or Stock market crashes and sometimes just a review on a play a friend may have been in. Add to this ticket stubs (I'd forgotten that I'd seen Annie Lennox in 81) dance recital programs, report cards, check book registers and an occasional bill (I paid 25 bucks for electricity in January of 73) and any other memento you can imagine it's a rather overwhelming pile.

My intention is to get it all scrapbooked by year and safely tuck it away while making a new one for each new year. It's really the story of my life and will look nice displayed by my body at my wake because no one else really gives a shit about this except me. But the fact remains that I do care and I want it done but it just looked too damn overwhelming. I had no idea how to start and I work better with another person as a team.

So while I was on craigslist job hunting I saw the Snappy Scrapper and she offered to make snappy scrapbooks for you for 6 bucks a page. I have 55 years of *stuff* to put away and at 6 bucks a page she'd bankrupt me. But I wanted her anyways. She's been scrapbooking for ten years and might have suggestions for me that make it look better because there are very few photos like in a regular scrapbook and maybe she has a fresh idea to fancy it up and more tools than I have for creative cutting. So I offered her ten bucks an hour and we'll put away two or three years this Sunday working together at her house where she actually has a whole scrapbooking ROOM.

I wish I could have a craft room! *jealous*.

I also got a haircut. It was getting hard to hide the scars from the brow lift until the hair grows back and that takes months. It's better now but I can't wait to be able to sweep it back from my face without it parting naturally exactly where the scar is . grrr!

So that's what I've been doing. Walking in the morning and sorting during the day. Then my brother text messaged me that I haven't posted in awhile and he was right so here I am.

Today I think Fred is taking me to see the movie 21 and to get a manicure. Squee!

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