OMFG! My boss is more scatter brained than I am! He wants all these things done and goes to do one but gets distracted by another. He gets nothing done all day long! He's a multi millionaire and he can't accomplish clearing his desk. he wants to micro manage everything. He called me into his office to have me help him with things and he proceeded to do it all himself. I finally had to say, "I can do that." and pull the papers out of his hands and do it. It was hilarious! It's like cleaning before yo ulet the cleaning lady in. He was trying to do what he hired me for.

I get the feeling that they've been a man short for awhile. There was a massive dumping of past due filing and stuff like getting the form filled out for for a bank card for the company or like renewing his trademark online. He wants to donate products but can't seem to find a way to even call them to pick the stuff up.

I was busy all day and then I looked up and they all had coats on. It was 5PM and the time had FLOWN! I really liked it. It was very different and fun and my boss is about as eccentric as you can get.

To Be Continued ...

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First Day