I'm still working on Quick Books. They have an environment where everyone shares the same application, so I may be entering old checks while someone else is entering an invoice and someone else is looking at reports. It makes it run really sloooooow.

I can't believe that one day I'm his lawyer and renewing and applying for Trademarks and the next I'm his accountant and believe me his accounts are a friggen mess. I'm not a professional in these things so I'm just doing my best and asking him what he thinks best as a write off for say .. his daughter's wedding ( a business meeting event with entertainment) or her college education which I thought I could hide but he said, "Oh no! That's an expense. Put it in!" I don't think he understood that I could hide it in the Owner's draw.

Oh well! I does as I is told. But I swear as an assistant I must be very bad as his desk looks worse than ever.

The thing is that he likes to answer the phones and make sales. That's his baby! But in all truth that's an unskilled sales job that he should let someone else do so he can clear up the crap piling up on his desk. But from my experience with my micro-managing father he could never get his finger out of that pie.

It will severely limit how big he can grow too if he can't truly delegate. Maybe I'm a first attempt. His daughter who was his right hand girl just got married. Maybe he's looking forward to the time she may be raising children. She's already moved out of state to a midpoint commute for her and her new husband and he seems to be putting an awful lot of trust in me handing me his finances and giving me his credit card numbers for renewing stuff.

It's nice but it makes me a little jumpy too. It's a little fast ya know even if it would be difficult to cheat him and not get caught. He doesn't know that I could never do to him what happened to my father. My father was embezzled and although it didn't ruin him it hurt him and betrayed his trust and because it hurt him, it hurt me.

On another subject. I've been eating out at UNO'S because I thought I read that a flatbread pepperoni pizza was only 450 calories. Well, yes it is, if you only eat HALF!! GRRR! So much for the pizza diet!

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Day four