I spiked 103.6 last night. When I woke up the fever had broken but I swear I was just plain semi-conscious for part of last night.

So I started to try to get moving and shake off the 18 hour sleep (I left work at 1PM) this morning when I discovered a big red spot on my right butt. I mean BIG. It covers at least the length and width of a large hand.

At first I thought it might be a spider bite and the red would subside but it's remained the same all day despite quite a bit of walking and re-hydration and eating.

So it's off to the clinic at 6PM tonight to show off my butt to the doctor. It looks alot like when my Dad's leg was red and they said it was cellulitis. Who knows how long its been there. It's not *that* painful, just enough to finally take a peek. Maybe it was the cause of the peaky fever.

I guess I'll find out tonight but its kind of a bummer as I made tacos tonight for Fred as a way of saying Thank You and I hoped that we could ride our bikes along the Cape Cod Canal bike path tonight. He deserves a little attention.

Not to speak badly of the gone and forgotten but with the Ex if I was sick I'd be left to die in the back bedroom. There would have been no "Can I pick up anything for you on the way home?" nor any "Can I do anything for you" nor a "Do you need anything?" never mind a good solid hug and a "Let me know, I'm here for you."

How could I have started to take anything like that for granted, yet I did? Shame on me.

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Red Butt