Thank you all for your support. I really needed it and was feeling pretty sad for my self and my Dad. I put my brother on the guardianship papers because he was acting so jealous and left out and so he was trying to blockade my every decision. He got so bad that he was going to lawyers to prevent me from giving birthday gifts from my father like heís done his whole life.

Well guess what? Adding him as co-guardian didnít remove his opposition. Itís rough being a guardian for another grown human being with an established pattern and life style and then rudely and forcibly changing that life style. My brother relishes in it because now he has the power to ďFIXĒ Dad because my brother is always "right".

My father drinks. He drinks every night and has since he was old enough to buy it. That makes it a pattern of 67 years and one that my Dad enjoys. My brother is a reformed alcoholic, dry now for about a year and a half. Booze is bad for everyone all the time and in any form according to my brother. My fatherís meds do not rule out booze although I am aware that it wonít help his mental state but he is declining anyways, itís called old age, and you have to go from something, why not something you enjoy?

I wouldnít encourage more than one drink at night after work and he doesnít seem to notice that we swapped out his real beer for OíDoulís fake beer but Dad is quite indignant that we are trying to control him to such a degree that he canít sit and relax with his long standing martini.

My other brother and I poured one for him last night and he nursed it with three fake beers for four hours and he was HAPPY and yet my other tea totaling brother is enraged that I broke our ďagreementĒ. I made it very clear that I and three of our siblings do not want to micro manage Dadís life style according to my brotherís very extreme view.

He wants me to sign a statement that I have gone against his words.

Fí him. Let him come down here and listen to this old man get indignant all night over his life style being changed. Itís bad enough we took control of his money, his business and his medications. I know some of you might disagree with me too but I say life is made of small pleasures and this is one of those to my Dad.

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Dad drinks