What a weekend! Saturday my brother organized a clean up in the state forest and a bunch of us pulled about 30 tires and a lot of abandoned refrigerators and washing machines out of there and we hardly made a dent in everything that was dumped in there. People are pigs. To pollute a pristine environment to avoid a 20 dollar dumping fee is piggish.

Afterwards we went to Beths benefit. I was deluding myself when I thought I could help Beth out. Shes dying and Ill probably be going to her funeral within 3 weeks. Her liver has repeatedly shut down and shes been in the hospital most of the week. Shes too sick to withstand the chemo that could have saved her life and the cancer has spread everywhere in just a month. This benefit was not to help Beth but to give Beth something to leave her 6 year old daughter when she comes to adulthood. Everyone was crying when they carried her in. Shes too weak to even walk but Beth is a trooper and damned if she didnt make it to her own dinner. Shes become a walking skeleton and there wasnt a dry eye in the house and let me tell you that function room was packed.

Sunday Fred and I were sleeping in and my oldest daughter called and said, Im painting the living room all by myself, come help me! and so I did and we got er done. I taped and did trim and she filled in with the roller. We made a good team. I sent Fred on errands and later we met up at the Moose (where I made sure I found out the name of the OBGYN that killed Beth so I would never go to him).

At the Moose Fred laid out some plans for our road trip and I started planning some stops using the Atlas he has with a list of great places to see in each state. Im getting very excited about this road trip. We think were going the last week of July and the first week of August and I think there will be multiple people I can stop and see on the way. WooHoo!

Im telling you, after seeing Beth you just never know when your time is up and Im going to start enjoying life now that I have a special someone to share it with.

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Time Grows Short