This is the first American Idol that I havenít narrowed down who I want to win by now. The only one I want to leave is Chris TimberFake. He just doesnít have the pipes the others have. To tell the truth neither does Blake but heís so original I would hate to see him leave. Iím shocked that any of the guys made it this far in all honesty with some of the female competition they faced.

Jordin was awful last night and I hope that doesnít get her voted out. At this level one bad song could do that to you. Lakisha hit it out of the park last night but for some reason people donít like her. Sheís always just the fat one to people lately. I hate that. She can really sing. Phil Stacey can sing too but heís kind of weird looking with those big eyes and bald head. Should that count like Lakishaís fat does? Doesnít seem fair does it?

And then thereís Melinda Doolittle. A power house of a voice but last night she showed that she has no bite, no sass, no sexay. She is exactly the same as a singer as she is a personality. Sheís a sweet, kind and humble woman who sings best when she can reflect that. I think if she wins she wonít make the tiniest dent in the popular music business and I want to vote for someone that will succeed.

The only two I see being able to do that are Blake and Jordin. Jordin is marketable if she loses a couple pounds and sheís only 17. Sheís raw talent waiting to be formed. Blake is a composer. He can create new things not just do covers. I guess I just picked my favorites. Now watch them get canned tonight. Voting two out of six out tonight is going to drastically change this show.

Speaking of losing a few pounds, donít all the heavier girls look thinner to you? That happens all the time on this show. I though Kat McFee was going to disappear last season. Do you think the image makers behind the show put them on diets or do you think the competition just gets that thick that they do it themselves?

I donít even want to get started when it comes to LOST. Thatís driving me nuts too!

The upstairs floor paint has been tacky for days and so Fredís been sleeping on the couch and Iíve been in my little back bedroom. At first I loved the privacy but now I miss him near me at night. Iím going to move some stuff back on the floor and see if it sticks. If not the rest moves tomorrow and we get back to normal.

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