Fred just passed his motorcycle permit test at the RMV after failing by one question yesterday. Poor guy, it cost him another 30 bucks but now heís free to break his neck right next to me. Iíll get him up to the church parking lot for practice this weekend because he is taking lessons next weekend at the same place where I learned to ride last year. Itís so exciting! This summer is going to be so much fun!

I have a few of you I am going to email soon so we can make a trip to see you as we go on our summer road trip (by car! Not motorcycle!). Weíre pretty sure it will be the last week of July and the first week of August. Weíll drive from Massachusetts down to North Carolina and then back up through the smoky mountains seeing and exploring freestyle the whole way although there are a few attractions we want to plan to see..

This gives us an opportunity to see Cosmic & OldBrit, maybe LíEmpress and daughters and hopefully LA, Greenwitch and A and her goats and goat babies, Jenniam & her Lucky Nick and Mary Bozette and maybe an old childhood friend in PA along the way. Iím so excited because Journal Con seems to have disappeared in recent years so this is the best way to ever meet. If you live along the east coast between MA and NC and would like me to pop in if Iím going near leave me a comment and Iíll email you for your town and Iíll check it with Fredís grand scheme.

Fred and I are taking my three grandchildren to the circus in RI tomorrow. Itís hard to believe but the oldest at 11 is almost too old to want to go. His adolescence is upon us soon. I need to relish his childhood while I can. Time goes by all too quickly. Iím in heaven that I found someone that appreciates that and embraces my family as his own. It was his idea to take them and he bought the tickets. Heís perfect.

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Cycle Permit