Today I finally, finally have a second to make a database of addresses for my wedding invitation and then it's only a matter of finding a nice cursive font and doing a mail merge. With only 7 weeks until my wedding I was getting worried.

On the Dad front he has managed to contact a real lawyer. I have left a message for that lawyer that he is an 88 year old blind man, partially deaf with early dementia and under guardianship. I lefta message that he please not interfere, he has no access to his monies to hire him and he also represented the woman who embezzle from him a few years ago. Certianly that is a conflict of interest. I've heard nothing back.

To tell the truth I fail to see how an incompetent man can even hire a lawyer or mount a defense. I'm waiting to see if the judge appoints anyone for him because we can't either as his guardians. We also represent a conflict of interest.

I'm tired of being in a constant state of anxiety. But if he wins his independence back I wash my hands of him and he can go back to being a crazy man wearing dirty clothes and dropping his meds on the floor, hiding in a commercial conference room where he will one day break his neck.

Or worse yet a non-family member being assigned guardian and robbing him blind and not caring what he wants at all and stuffing him someplace where they medicate him to shut him up.

Why can't old people accept help when they need it?

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