One of my High School friends sent me a "Congratulations on Your Engagement" card. That was so sweet! They're all very happy for me. It seems no one I knew from my old life was particularly enamored of my Ex as a husband for me. Either that or they're unconditionally supportive which would be wonderful but I usually only get that from my Mother.

Speaking of which, Sunday is Mother's Day and a bunch of us are going to Canobie Lake Park in Salem NH. It's a nice, old, shady and uncrowded (at this time of year) amusement park. The biggest roller coaster hardly merits a yelp unless you're under 12 years of age, but I've never met an Amusement park with so little stress and so much fun. It's a free Mother's Day admittance with every child so my daughter and her sister in law are farming out their kids. Fred can't go because he's going to Training Wheels on Saturday & Sunday to get his Motorcycle safety training and his license test, so I'm free. It will be a blast with all the girls together!

Today I'm still polyurethaneing my kitchen floor. I've just laid the 4th coat on one half the floor, I even lightly sanded the third coat hoping for that glassy effect on the rough-ish wood. Tomorrow morning I'll put all the furniture on the finished side and start on the other half *pant pant*. I cut the lawn for the first time this season, just in time for the rain tomorrow, so it can grow more.

Right now Fred is frantically putting up molding and lighting to finish the upstairs bedroom in time for our new bedroom furniture. Bob's Furniture called and said it will be delivered between 8:41 and 11:41 tomorrow morning! YIPPEE! I'll post pictures when it's all set up *drool*. I'm so lucky! I have sheets with little lobsters on them. I just know they will feel so nautical to sleep in. I'll dream I'm a tall ship captain tomorrow night!.

What's even more fun is that my daughter's final furniture delivery is coming on the same truck so we can admire each other's decorating genius together by tomorrow at noon .. hehe.

Hey! Guess What? I'm going to see Taylor Hicks on the 17th of June. Seems apt in these Idol fever days, huh? I'm so sad to see Lakisha go but someone has to at this point. I know it will never happen but I hope Melinda Doolittle goes next. I'm sorry to those of you that love her and I know she is pitch perfect but I find her to be an uninspired performer. My money is on Blake or Jordin and I'm leaning heavily towards Jordin.

Remember I said that all the heavier girls seemed to have lost weight during Idol? Well Jordin's eyebrows seem to have been tamed too. Her eyes were hypnotic in the last performance. You have to look at Evangeline Lilly to find better.

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