Lots has happened. First of all the music festival at Mountain Jam was lots of fun. Second, I have one brother that is trying to break the guardianship yet wonít tell us why heís unhappy. Third, today is payroll and I will have to do it alone for the first time while training the bookkeeper we hired. I just canít put in enough hours and need some relief so Iím not tied to the shop. Frankly she is elderly and I think this is a supplemental job. She admits sheís rusty and hasnít worked in awhile but she already has shown me that she knows a bucket load more than I do about bookkeeping. This will free me up to learn more about our product and work on pricing and sales.

Fourthly I am getting married in just 24 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iím having a heart attack over the details! Well gotta run and do that payroll!

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