Enough of the depressing stuff! Something else also happened when I drove the Ex to court. He told me that he wanted a bread making machine so he bid on one at eb@y. He thought he lost that bid so he bid on another. It turned out that he had won them both so he paid for two but only needed one. I bought the other from him for 30 bucks, what he had paid.

I love it! I never made bread before and so I had no idea that there was special bread flour. I made French bread with the special bread flour but today Iím using all purpose flour to make my daughter some plain old white bread.

The machine is amazing. You just pour in the ingredients, push a button and walk away for three hours. It mixes kneads, lets rise and knocks down three times before it cooks the bread with a special crust control for light, medium or dark. If you get one be sure to set it in a secure spot because man oí man that thing rocks and rolls when it gets a mixiní!

Iíve been reading recipes and itís occurring to me that bread can be just like meatloaf and you can throw just about anything in the batter as long as you donít make it too wet or too dry. I love being creative. I donít think Iíve ever made the same meatloaf twice and I suspect that bread may suffer the same fate. I mean some cheese or some raisins and/or nuts would be delicious.

The only slightly annoying thing about the machine is this, the mixing paddle gets baked into the bread and usually gets stuck in the bread so I have to dig it out manually. Not a biggy but when you have this perfect looking loaf you hate to mar it, especially when you are giving it away. But it doesnít change the taste any and I stuffed myself on hot freshly baked and buttered bread yesterday. YUMMMMMMM!

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