Okee dokey. You guys helped me on one thing maybe you can help me in another. Iím having a problem with pictures. As you know DíLand has a limit on not only the size picture you can upload but a limit on how much you can store here. In order to get the pictures down to under 100K in size I have to jump through hoops which makes it really time consuming to post pictures.

My laptop has a program called ďimage converter 2 plusĒ which is produced by Sony that came with my Sony Vaio laptop. It takes multiple pictures and down sizes them in a group. It was GREAT for my Mountain Jam pictures except that I STILL had to manipulate each one individually afterwards with Microsoft Picture It! Which has an option for picture quality vs. size. Even with that I may still have to crop it and I hate doing that with my ocean view shots or any scenery shot like the one below.

So hereís my question. Do you guys have some program that you use to do this so easily? I think some of you host your pictures off-site, such as photobucket, and then resize the photo with code (width=Ē500Ē). That would certainly save me a lot of time if it works but there is still uploading and code to do. boxx9000 especially, seems to put in pictures effortlessly and has a gazillion per post. It just took me about 45 minutes to process this ONE picture below manually and itís the one that started this post. It seems to me if you guys can solve my off-site readership problems then maybe one of you has a better handle on this process than I do.

My roses are about to go into full bloom and I think this year will be a humdinger.

That brings up the other thing. I need a new format for this page. Displaying everything in this little box keeps my pictures to 400 pixels wide and thatís small. So if in your internet travels you find a water dragon that can be a banner up top of this page I can redesign this page to look better, you know something long and horizontally thin, very rectangular for along the top. Iíve seen some great water dragons but they are either a big square box or long & thin vertically and that limits my width again. Iíve seen some black & white sketches I could use as a background too but in the past when Iíve done that people with some vision problems have told me itís hard to read. So ya, keep an eye out ok?


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Picture Problems