Fred and I have been sleeping in separate rooms. No, weíre not mad at each other but weíve been sleeping so badly the last few days that we were keeping each other up, so we separated. Iím hoping its barometric pressure or something weather related because we need a good nights sleep and by now weíre missing each otherís presence as much as the sleep.

The last few days Iíve been supposed to be studying for my A+ tests to become Microsoft certified in hardware and software but itís such a boring process that I can hardly stand it and in the middle of such wonders as my oldest daughter being childless for a week and free and a terrific sale at Macyís (bagged a Presto Cool Daddy deep fryer for 27 bucks. Fish is on the menu again!) which just happened to be next to my manicurist. (got maniís & pediís. WooHoo!). And of course you canít waste the night even if you arenít going to the Moose, thereís always the movies and the SCARY Mr. Brooks (Kevin Costner hits one out of the park but then again I enjoyed water world when no one else did). That movie was riveting. Fred didnít even let his head drift to the side, never mind fall asleep!

But I really have to press forward and study and take the A+ test by the end of next week or the test will change and I'll have to study for the newer test!

This weekend fred and I will be going to Six Flags Saturday and seeing Taylor Hicks Sunday at the Hyannis music tent. Donít you dare laugh at me! Soul Patrol!!!

Last weekend we went to see Dark Star. They re-create Grateful Dead performances. Last Friday we listened to a concert they gave in Fresno January 15th 1978. Fred says they are eerily similar in sound and voice to the originals, and let me tell you Dead fans start dancing at the first strum of the guitar and never sit down! We had first row seats and I felt bad about standing up until I realized everyone behind me was standing and I wouldnít block anyone!

Right now Iím baking a two cheese bread in my new bread maker and washing a load of darks because you canít have laundry day and Six Flags Day on the same day now, could ya?

Life is good!

PS. Curse you Purple Chai for mentioning widgets! Fred and I have been downloading yahoo widgets for DAYS now! (at widgets.yahoo.com). Look for one called Starry Nights and then do a search on one that is stupid but makes me laugh. Search on the word Hammer at yahoo widgets (canít touch this!).

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