NO WAY!! By accident I just deleted a whole entry about going to Tombstone to hunt Javelina.

I've made plans to stay with Kitchen Logic and Mom-on-a-roof.


If Cosmic Karen decides to go I have promised her that I'd travel with her and I'd stay with her. She has some encumbrances that she would probably need help with and I'm her bitch.


She better get off the pot and decide because I want to make flight arrangements by the end of July. Times ticking Karen! You know you want to go, don't ya?

And all of YOU, Dear readers. I want to meet you. They haven't thrown an official Journal convention in three years. I think. It was in San Francisco and then that was it. The end. There have been some smaller conventions but this one could get pretty big. Have you seen the list of events?

There's some great speakers and dinner at the OK Corral and a wild west show. It's not the bad bar but it's not freakin' freezing either and I betcha I can help convert any bar into a bad bar. Help me get-er-done!

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