I havenít posted in about a week. Iíve been very busy between watching grandkids and studying for the A+ certification tests. I needed to take them, BOTH, before the end of June or have to retake the new test that came out July 1st.

(drum roll)

I am happy to announce that after days of cramming I passed the A+ certification in Hardware on Friday June 29th and the A+ certification for operating systems on June 30th and so I have successfully wriggled in my total A+ certification with about 9 hours to spare before I would have had to study ALL OVER AGAIN for the newer test.


Now I am studying for my MCSE certifications which are a series of 6 tests and then a 7th in a specialty. This will be harder (place sad face here). But itís my own darned fault because I procrastinated until the last damn minute, like I tend to always do. To make it worse near the end I started to tune out on my classes because they duplicated so much of the information. Itís not hard to see why when you consider that four of the 6 core tests concern networking, over and over again, networking. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Ö

Anyways I thought Iíd drop a line here before I leave the house for a couple hours because I polyurethaned my bathroom floor and I only have one bathroom so Iím going to hang at the Moose, eating my salad and drinking Cola, until I have a bathroom again.

You know what? Last night I had to put on my makeup as part of the preparation work for the first layer of poly because after I painted my way out of the bathroom I wouldnít have been able to re-enter and apply it.

Now THATíS thinking ahead!

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