I am such a slug. I can hardly find the time to post anymore and I speed read through my reads barely posting that Iíve even been there. Now Liselle has nominated me for rockiní blogger girl a week ago on the 6th and I havenít posted it or even thanked her. Thank you Liselle. The problem is that everyone else has already been nominated by now because Iím so slooow. So it will be hard to pass this on to someone who hasnít been nominated yet.

So hereís the deal. If you are locked I name you a Rockiní Blogger Girl. You know who you are. *smile*

Okay. I f*cked up. I admit it. Emails to certain people will be going out soon. My oldest daughter wanted to go to Florida to attend her best friendís wedding. Lord knows that poor young woman, my daughterís best friend, went through enough, losing everything in her divorce, and I want her happy too and if my daughterís attendance makes her happy then by god Iíll babysit so it can happen. So of course when my daughter asked me to take the kids this coming weekend I responded with a resounding, ďYESĒ.

Completely forgetting, in the process, that I had made plans with Fred to start our two week road trip vacation on the exact same day, this Friday. To make matters even worse I also promised my Mom that Iíd take her to see ABBA for her Motherís Day present and guess when itís scheduled? Yup this Friday.

My daughter goes into a panic, I donít even tell my Mom and I look at Fred with my sad face apologizing over and over. Well, everything worked out but some things had to be changed. I have the kids this weekend but a friend of my daughterís is taking them Friday evening so I can go with my Mom to ABBA. But our vacation had to change.

Instead of meeting Jenn, her wife Nikki (I spell that different every day) and Mary this Saturday, I will still be in Massachusetts. When we are finally passing near DC about a week and a half from now it will be a week day, which wasnít good for any of them, so Fred changed our course so we take some May's ferry in Delaware that puts us in another direction.

Fred actually reversed the whole route to make up time and cut corners and we had to sacrifice three days worth of stuff because of my screw up (talk about over scheduled!) but I will hopefully be meeting (hopefully because itís a weekday again) LA, Green Witch and YaketyYak. It just occurred to me that I know two of their real names but I donít know LAís. Iíll have to fix that at the meet and greet this coming TUESDAY the 24th!

Iím so excited and Fredís a doll. Not many people will lose three days of a carefully planned vacation and just consider it a do-over when it happens. Iíll be very busy the next few days considering I have the grandkids 5 out of the next 7 days but when I leave next Monday night Iíll be sure to post daily. This is going to be the BEST road trip of my life and itís only the first one! We want to see the whole United States Ö.. TOGETHER.

Fred is just awesome.

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