Last I heard Fred is staying in Connecticut for a third night in a row. Heís cleaning his house for my arrival Monday evening when we start our road trip vacation. I guess his house was more than just cluttered and bordered on grimy. It had two men living in it for the last five years so I guess I can imagine it. It was his sonís idea as much as Fredís. Iím kind of flattered that they want to make a good impression on me. Itís so sweet!

Right now Iím at my daughterís house watching the 3 grandkids. Weíre watching The Last Mimsy, which I adore. Iím a kid at heart and I love these movies full of wonder and hope where a child saves the world.

Itís a good thing I brought it too because today is too cool for the pool but itís supposed to hit 85 and humid today so maybe the overcast will burn off. This morning at 6AM found me outside watering and fertilizing the 30 odd tomato plants I planted around their yard and the sunflowers which I think the kids planted in the oddest places just to get rid of the seed. This is their first garden and Iím dying to see what they think of a 6 foot plant coming out of a window box. Hey! They did it, not me!

Tonight my youngest daughter and the three kids and me are all going to see Harry Potter. Iím so excited! PLUS I have them this Friday when the local bookstore is throwing a midnight Harry Potter party where they will sell the new book at FORTY PERCENT OFF! Whheeee! PLUS weíre all getting into the theater FREE because I have five free passes. Suhweet!

The Ex called to tell me that his dog got hit by a car when he let it run at 3AM. His GF is slowly finding out that he doesnít take care of people places or things. He lost a dog on me like that too. Youíd think heíd learn and if she thinks heís going to make any provisions for her survival while heís in jail, sheís crazy. He resents *feeding* her.

Anyways I drove him to court the other day and he goes to trial on all three charges (fake assault his GF charged him with, DUI one and DUI two) right in a row October 9th, 10th and 11th. I think heíll probably be sentenced at that time and I will *FINALLY* get my bail money back. All 5000 dollars of it.

Since I took a loan on my 401Kfor Ronís bail that I could no longer pay off when I was let go from my job, Fred lent me the money to pay it off so I wouldnít owe taxes and penalties on it because it would have been considered disbursed to me. So when I get the bail I need to pay Fred back with it. I told him so and he knows I want a truck and camper or an RV so he wants to turn around and use it as a down payment on a truck that can tow a camper (with a bathroom and a refrigerator! No more watery coolers or outhouses!).

See how he is? He not only thought enough about me and my predicament to offer the money but when I pay it back heís using it toward something *I* want. True I want to use it with him but still, its *my* dream. Heís a very special person to me.

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