Day 8
Posted 7-30-07

Nothin' much to report. Today was mostly a driving day covering 432 miles from Franklin NC to Jacksonville NC. At least there was a Moose Lodge at the end of the trip!

Tomorrow we drive to Cedar Island to catch the ferry to Cape Hatteras where we stay in a quaint cottage at the KOA campgrounds. Right about now I think Fred is turning his old underwear inside out and re-wearing it. We need to find the time to do a wash.

I'm at the part in the Deathly Hollows where they find out what the objects are and now Harry accidently said You Know Who's name and they've been caught. I don't know how it will turn out but it looks bad and it's only the middle of the book.

I have serious doubts that Snape is really a bad man. Despite Albus's death at his hands Dumbledoor's last words could have been a plea for Snape to do it. I hope I'm right and Snape redeems himself.

I doubt that I will have internet to post tomorrow but the next day we will be in the Great Dismal Swamp (doesn't that sound cool??!!) and afterwards in Williamsburg.

Hopefully I'll be able to catch up soon. I can't wait to sit down and post some of these pictures I've been taking.

PS to BoXx .. Start checking your snail mail for postcards.

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Day 8