Day 10
posted 8-1-2007
Elizabeth City NC

We left the Outer Banks of Cape Hatteras (It’s the name of the National Sea Shore AND the name of one of the towns.) This morning but the Jeep was overheating except when we were moving so we spent the afternoon at a Jeep dealership getting the fan and a relay replaced.

But before we did that we did get to drive to the end of route 12, the route that runs the length of Cape Hatteras. It suddenly dead ends in a beach. We took pictures of the third Hatteras Light House and ate a crab cake on a sunny porch overlooking the sound side of the Cape watching boats pulling parasailers. I want to do that some day but not with a broken finger.

We found another Moose Lodge here at Elizabeth City and it was so friendly and fun. BTW that reminds me (don't ask why) Fred and I have found a Mexican restaurant in every town we’ve stayed at. It’s become a running joke between us and we often find one before we find anything else. We’ve noticed that EVERY Mexican restaurant we stop at, and they simply CAN’T be linked in any way because we are in different states every time, has the same luncheon menu and I guarantee that not only will a number 11 be one burrito, one enchilada and one taco but that there will also be A Speedy Gonzales on the menu. I want to know, “How do they ALL have the same menu?”

Yannow what else? If they have a crappy green frozen margarita the food’s crap too but, if the Margarita is brownish then its good and the food is too!

Anyways I uploaded the pictures of Luray Caverns Virginia to Snapfish. I hope the link works without you having to login or something annoying and time consuming.


If that link doesn’t work try pasting the URL:


Let me know if it doesn’t work. I’m all signed in on my computer with remember me’s checked so it will always work for me.

A serious tragedy just happened in Minnesota. A bridge collapsed. I need to check if kitchen logic is ok. If you read me, you might want to too.
After that the war for Hogwarts is raging! I must read!

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