Fred got excited watching so he looses the target occasionally (me) but I am the blue car number 89 on a white door. My major opponent was 92 in a black car with a white door. I have the word MOOSE across the back of my car and you can tell who I am because Iím dragging my front bumper.

This isnít all of it. I have more and this is where I actually win

I beat that tire right off her car without hitting her driverís side door, which is illegal.
I know that Fred lost his focus while recording several times but no one else has put this heat up on youtube so Iím afraid this is all I have so youíll have to accept looking at the ground or me sliding off to the side here and there but still it was exciting!

I am still very jazzed that I won. Here I am winning, have you ever seen anyone more smug? I could almost hate myself except Iím too happy..

Youíre only missing about three minutes of the beginning footage where everyone, not just me got pounded. I swear that even though they limit the space you have to move a couple guys got up to 20 miles per hour before they hit me. There was one time I saw them coming (as in more than one) and I was stalled and there was nothing I could do except say ďOh no!Ē before they creamed me. Thatís when my eye glasses got re-arranged on my face but I was surprisingly unhurt.

You guys know that I was extremely forgiving to the Ex and that it takes a lot to get my temper up but being allowed to hit someone else, with a big assed car, legally, and they wonít get mad at you, was really awesome and in the end after they trashed me I did get a wee bit competitive and decided to lay down some hell of my own and I LOVED it.

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