Thanks Guys, I was really depressed after realizing how little I mattered to the G family, despite trying for quite awhile. It was embarrassing also to be seen with so little regard in front of my daughter and not even realizing it, she had to tell me! It was also upsetting that she was implying that it would never change or get better, no matter what I did or didnít do. I was trying to be as important as her in laws without minimizing either of us by joining them but I wasnít wanted.

Oh well.

Stage two commences. Football and Sunday afternoon dinners at my house. I would also dearly love to have them go camping in the Shenandoah Nat'l Park with Fred and I next summer if they can swing the vacation time. It was a stunningly beautiful place.

Susan Tedeschi was great and the next day Fred and I went to the last air show to ever be shown at the Otis Air Force Base. Itís being closed. I think itís an insane decision and it also leaves one hell of a super fund site behind. Itís totally polluted the ground water of the Cape and now the government is running out on it. See it here for yourself http://www.scorecard.org/env-releases/land/site.tcl?epa_id=MA2570024487


Anyways the air show was AWESOME. It was the first time I saw the Thunderbirds perform. Iíve only seen the Blue Angels before and I accidentally ran into my brother who was there also.

My 100 yr old Grandmother is out of the hospital and under observation at the nursing home across the street from her home. She jokes that if she doesnít like it there sheíll cross the street and go home. The doctorís think she had a small stroke and fell but she should be ok again.

Now itís my 80 something (86? 87?) Dad thatís having trouble. Over the weekend his foot swelled. Finally he fell and my Mom couldnít get him up so she called the ambulance and they took him to the hospital where they diagnosed him with something called cellulitus. Theyíll keep him a few days and then release him with oral antibiotics, hopefully.

Anyways, I have a couple of people to visit tomorrow. Today and Wednesday I babysit the grand kiddies but tomorrow I see Dad and Grandma. I think my oldest daughter is going with me so it will be fun too.

Yannow, if I didnít sit so often I think every plant my daughter has would die from lack of water.

PS. to Emaciana. Thank you for adding me. I tried to go to your site to read you but it's locked. If you'd like you could send me the username and password to summer_gale at yahoo dot com and yes that's an underscore between the summer and the gale. Thanks if you do and I understand if you don't.

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