I'm about to make my first homade tomato sauce right from scratch with my own home grown tomatoes. It seems every year the whole bumpercrop comes ripe at the same time. You just can't eat it all in time but a sauce well frozen should be just great. If it comes out good I might even learn how to can so I can use it as presents.

Anyhow the recipe I'm using is HERE. Click to see it.

I'm using this one because it doesn't start with "Blanch a bushel of tomatoes and remove skins". It's only ten large tomatoes and easy to double. That's doable. Secondly it uses some shredded carrot which my Mom uses (along with an occasional raisin) instead of sugar. I HATE HATE HATE spaghetti sauce that tastes like candy. My Mom-In-Law's sauce almost made me gag it was so sweet. She complained about the acid taste and drowned it in sugar. Instead I read that removing the seeds will make it less bitter.

If you have a tip or something to add to this recipe let me know. I'll be doing this for hours!


Thanks for all the advice and sympathy yesterday. I think he's going to sign himself out of rehab either today or Monday against doctor's orders and short circuit everything again. I hope not but he's bored as sh*t in there and without my Mom visiting (she's still mad as hell and not taking it anymore) him it's only phone calls and my brother that lives near. I can only come once or twice a week too and that's only because I'm not in work yet. The rest live too far or are working to live and can't get there either. I hear some employees visited him, which is very nice of them, but it will only make him want to return to work instead of strengthening his legs. I hope I can get him to alarm where he lives too.

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