Well, Dad's considered competent with issues, medically. This means he can go home to his stairs and all the worry and concern and research we've done counts for nothing. We've exhausted research for homes and stair climber elevators and whatever else and it's all for naught. He can go home to his filthy apartment which is really a conference room in his shop with impunity and A BIG F .. U to all of us.

I actually think that my siblings were trying to do too much but doing nothing is too little. My only prayer is that this is a wake up call for my Dad and he realizes just how close he came to assisted (farmed out) living.

Meanwhile I am taking a big breath and just letting the chips fall where they may .... for now.

This may sound flippant but really I just can't think about this at all for about 12 hours. I need to re-sync and re-think.

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