I just donít get to post as much as I used to but I am reading (if not commenting). I catch up when I can but I *do* catch up.

So far Iíve applied for a job at Stop & Shop headquarters for a help desk position. I applied for the same position at Jordan Hospital and Iíll fill out the application for an IT position at the Plymouth County Sheriffís office ( got it while visiting the Ex ) today and I have another interview in Middleboro on Thursday. Iím not getting any feedback though from any of them.

I donít know if Iím seen as too old, over qualified or if my mentioning that Iím looking forward to moving up the ranks dissuades them because maybe there is no *up* as would happen if they outsource the hands on stuff. Maybe I should just concentrate on my tests and then apply for what I really am qualified for but I was sort of looking forward to easing myself back into hardware from the bottom up. Oh well.

I picked my Dad up from the rehab hospital yesterday and heís a handful, I tell ya. The very first thing he wanted to do was test the chairlift if it was jammed into the front door. I jiggled and shook the chair and finally got it going again when he wanted to do it AGAIN to find out which thing I jiggled made it work again. I had to yell at him NO! and that he already found out what happens when the chair jams into the door. IT FRIGGEN STOPS! And Iím not putting in a service call that may take them days to answer with his front door jammed in the open position and his stair lift frozen. The chair has automatic stops when it hits things or if your feet fall off the platform and I donít know where they all are or how to release them. I was lucky to get it going again in the first place.

Then he was re-orientating himself to his studio. Everything that wasnít how he remembered it he told me to throw away. Perfectly good bowls and silverware! He wanted something white on the arm of a chair so he wouldnít bump it (I can understand that) and I had to show him that he had 32 tens in an envelope he tucked away with some tapes in a box on top of a wardrobe. He had 3 20ís in an envelope in his book case. He wanted to have a clear top shelf in his refrigerator by putting liquids on their sides down below. OJ is on the door to the left and milk on the door to the right. He has so many processes! But I guess they work for him.

After that he checked his cereal (good) and booze (almost out) and toiletries (no soap) and we went shopping. Now that really bothered me. I went in with his no limit American Express with his very male name on it and signed his very male name on the slip and not one person noticed and he wasnít with me. Then he had me pick up a roast beef sub at a sub shop I guess heís known at because all I had to do was tell them his name and they knew how he liked it. Then we went to his favorite 99 restaurant for a late lunch where they know him there too and where he likes to sit (by a sunny window so he can see his food) Then I dropped him off at his shop and he looked so happy to be back that he looked ten years younger. Of course when the secretary came out with his walker he refused it but I hope he keeps on practicing with it.

Then I color coded his meds that he was released with so that the red colored sheet of pills was linked to a large print typed description (also color coded to red) so he could match the name and dose of each med. His eyes have gotten so bad that he canít distinguish colors anymore so I striped them horizontally, vertically and slanted. After all that he said, ďWhat are all these medications anyhow?Ē and I described them as two blood pressure pills, one cholesterol and an acid reflux pill. He said, ďI donít need any of that.Ē And he threw them all away except the cholesterol pills!


Then he wanted a list of everyoneís home and cell numbers so I blew up a list that the secretaries already had on his copier and then I left the information that was necessary for an appointment with his real doctor with his personal secretary (admitted for left lung pneumonia, cellulitis of the knee, bursitis of the knee and falling) . Maybe he will listen to his real doctor, I hope so. Then I left the stubborn, crotchety old fool that I love to death with his shop mates and went home. An employee was driving him home that afternoon.

This morning he called and said he had trouble getting his key in the door to unlock it but he put it on a separate key ring and then he said that the stairlift was so slow that a fly on the wall beat him to the top and then at the age of 86 he said, ďYou know, those stairlifts are really for the elderly so they donít make them go fast or it may scare them.Ē


I guess he doesnít think 86 is elderly! According to him heís in perfect health and the doctorís canít find anything wrong with him. You know you gotta admire that kind of denial even when itís wrong, wrong, wrong!!!

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